Special Offers

  • BW116


    The BW116 is a reliable router bit for use in the Blackman & White router head as well as other cutting machines compatible with router bits.
  • BW42


    This is a robust oscillating blade with small pre-cut which is used throughout the printing, sail making and composite cutting industry. One of our best selling multipurpose blades.
  • Charcoal Felt Matting

    Charcoal Felt Matting

    Our charcoal felt matting is a general purpose sacrificial cutting surface used across our machine range. Felt matting comes in a 1.55M wide and 20M long roll of 5mm thick felt material.
  • Fisher Space Pen Refill

    Fisher Space Pen Refill

    Fisher space pen refills contain a special plastic mounter that allows it to work in any ballpoint pen with ease.