Cutting Resources is a UK based international online retail site launched in 2014 by industry leading cutting machine manufacturers Blackman & White. Cutting Resources offer a range of cutting machine blades, cutters and spare parts for Blackman & White machines, the vast majority of which are suitable to be used in alternative leading cutting machine brands.

Our blades are manufactured in Germany to exacting standards, without compromise to ensure maximum life span, minimal breakdown and thus provide great value for money. Using only Blackman & White recommended blades, parts and spares in your cutting machine ensures you maintain peak performance and minimise financial losses through downtime.

Blackman & White are the UK’s only manufacture of industrial cutting machines. With a 50 history of market defining innovation and unprecedented attention to detail, we offer a personal and professional service that others strive to match but never better.

Together, Blackman & White and Cutting Resources offer you the complete professional cutting solution for maximum efficiency and peace of mind.