Sacrificial Material

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  • Charcoal Felt Matting

    Charcoal Felt Matting

    Our charcoal felt matting is a general purpose sacrificial cutting surface used across our machine range. Felt matting comes in a 1.55M wide and 20M long roll of 5mm thick felt material.
  • Polythene Vacuum Sheeting

    Polythene Vacuum Sheeting

    The polythene Roll is only a few microns thick, easy to use and prepare but combined with the vacuum tables of the Blackman and White machines ensures that any material is held down flat for cutting to ensure no curves in the cut.
  • Zap-A-Gap (pack of 3)

    Zap-A-Gap (pack of 3)

    28 Grams of Zapagap medium strength acrylate glue per bottle in a pack of three. Used to join finger joined belts (conveyor belts)